Landing Your Dream Block: Unveiling the secrets to finding the perfect block of land

So, you've decided to build your dream home? Congratulations! Getting your hands on the perfect block of land is a crucial initial step, and navigating the world of greenfield land releases can feel overwhelming. But with some planning and savvy tips, you can secure your dream location with confidence.

In this article, we'll focus on the key steps to finding the ideal block of land in a greenfield estate, from understanding land release frequency to deciphering the sales process and timelines. Let's get started!

Know Your Needs

  • Before diving into specific land releases, take a step back and define your needs. This crucial step involves balancing budget considerations with the size and style of your desired home.
  • Consider the size of your desired house plan and translate that into minimum block dimensions. A building consultant can advise on the specific land area required for your chosen design.
  • Greenfield estates typically design a reasonably consistent grid of standard lot sizes with varying widths and depths, with the occasional unique, irregularly shaped blocks created as a result of natural features of the land or road curvatures. Be open to exploring different block sizes – you might find the perfect fit that you hadn't initially considered!

Timing is Everything:

  • Land Release Frequency: Developers release land at different intervals. Speak to the Land Sales Agent to understand their upcoming release plans and research the developer's recent release history to understand their rhythm. This will help you plan your search and avoid the disappointment of missing out on a perfect block.
  • Knowing the Numbers: Understand how many blocks are typically released at once. This will help you gauge the competition and prepare your strategy for securing your preferred location.
  • Market Conditions Matter: Market dynamics can influence release schedules. A hot market might see more frequent, smaller releases, while a slower market might have longer gaps. Be mindful of these factors and adjust your expectations accordingly.

Be in the Know:

  • Stay Informed: Find out how the developer communicates upcoming land releases. Do they email a database, make calls, or advertise online? Knowing their communication channels ensures you're notified promptly.
  • Pre-Release Insights: Enquire about pre-release information. Some developers offer detailed plans and specifications before the official release date. This allows you to make informed decisions about potential blocks.

Sales Process Savvy:

  • What to Expect: Dig into the details of the sales process to ensure you are well-prepared. Will it be released on a first-come-first-served basis, or will there be a balloting system?
  • Deposit Details: Understand the deposit requirements for securing a block. Knowing these details allows you to prepare financially and strategically.
  • Legally Binding: Remember, land contracts are legally binding. Consult a property lawyer before signing any documents to ensure you understand your rights and obligations.

Land Titles and Settlement

  • Untitled Land: If you're buying "off-the-plan" (untitled land), ask about the expected titling date. This will impact your settlement timeline and financial planning.
  • Speak to Your Finance Specialist: Discuss settlement requirements with your finance specialist. They can advise on managing your finances and ensuring a smooth settlement process.

Remember, choosing the right location is an investment in your future. By following these tips and researching thoroughly, you can secure the perfect block to build your dream Sherridon home.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about starting your home building journey, feel free to contact a Sherridon Homes representative. We're here to help every step of the way!