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Find exceptional value in our curated collection of house and land packages in prime locations across Melbourne's growth suburbs and throughout regional Victoria.

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House and Land Packages

Discover Melbourne's ultimate source of distinctive home designs – Sherridon Homes. With our unrivalled reputation and industry relationships, we present an extensive collection of house designs to fulfil your individual requirements. From tailored styles to various sizes, we possess the expertise and confidence to bring your dream home to life, starting from scratch!

What is a House and Land Package?
A Sherridon house and land package presents a convenient, pre-prepared solution for home buyers seeking to build their dream home. It involves purchasing the land and securing an agreement with your home builder concurrently, albeit through two separate contracts. Typically, land purchase is facilitated with the developer, while the home construction agreement is finalised with the builder.

Why Choose a House and Land Package?
Choosing a house and land package with Sherridon Homes offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it provides an all-in-one solution, eliminating the need to search for a suitable block of land separately. Additionally, it simplifies the buying process while still providing flexibility in customising your home design. It is also a popular option because buyers know the combined house and land price from the outset.

Where We Package
Sherridon Homes offers house and land packages in various locations across Melbourne and regional Victoria, including Ballarat, Geelong, Bendigo, Gippsland, Shepparton, Stawell, Bairnsdale, and Echuca. Our expert team works closely with our network of land developers to secure prime land in desirable locations.

Creating a Diverse Range of Prepackaged Options
Our goal at Sherridon Homes is to provide our customers with a diverse range of prepackaged options to suit their individual needs and preferences. We assess the needs and preferences of our customers, taking into account factors such as budget, location, house type, and design preferences. Whether you're looking for a contemporary urban oasis in Melbourne or a peaceful rural retreat in regional Victoria, we have the perfect package for you.