Breaking down the new home building process

So you’ve compared building a new home with buying an established property and decided that a sparkling new home is the right choice for your family. A new home is an affordable option, with minimal maintenance, and you get peace of mind for many years to come.

Now that you’ve made your decision, it’s time to begin building.

The home building process may seem daunting. While it can be a complicated journey, our experts are here to help you every step of the way.

We’ve prepared this guide to building a new home to familiarise you with the process at Sherridon Homes. If you’re getting a new house built, read on to find out what your home building process will involve.

Preparing for the build

Before jumping into the building process, you’ll need to take some steps to prepare. If you choose a builder like Sherridon Homes, you’ll find the process simple and exciting.

Rather than orchestrating all of the documentation and tradies on your own, we walk you through the process one step at a time. You’ll enjoy watching your dream home take shape while we do all the hard yards.

Here are the steps you’ll take to prepare for the build:

  • Choose a floor plan, façade and inclusions
  • Get a free cost estimate
  • Get a tender with detailed cost estimate
  • Pay tender deposit
  • Review drawings and sign contract
  • Choose fittings, fixtures and finishes
  • Wait for council permits and approvals (about 6 weeks)

Stages of building a house in Australia

Now that you know how to prepare, you can start to build your dream home. In broad strokes, here’s the residential building construction process.

  1. Lay foundations

Your builder will prepare your site for construction. This means they clear the site of rock, trees and other debris.

Once the site is ready, the builders dig holes for plumbing and for the foundation. They then pour the concrete slab upon which your home will be built.

The concrete foundation will take a while to set, so hang tight for the next stage of the building process.

  1. Erect frame

We put our tradies to work constructing the bare bones of your house, also known as the shell or skeleton. You’ll see wall frames go up, floorboards go down, and roof trusses take shape.

At the same time, our builders will also install plumbing and electrical. This includes pipes and sewer lines, ductwork for your HVAC (heating and cooling system), and of course, wires for electricity.

  1. Install exterior and interior Insultation

Your builders will install insulation, which helps keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer.

Our tradies also lay the bricks and mortar of the home’s walls. They complete roof coverings and install windows.

  1. Personalise

Our builders will put in the plaster, ceilings, skirting boards, doors and stairs. They apply the primary coat of paint.

At the same time, they’ll also start installing your kitchen and bathrooms, including the cabinetry. Your new home will start to reflect your tastes and choices.

  1. Add finishing touches

By this stage, most of your home has been completed. The builders finish up by tiling, and installing things like benches, sinks and shower screens.

The builders will complete the electrical and plumbing fit-offs.

  1. Walk through

You’ll get to walk through your final product. The builders will show you around, and give you advice about maintenance and upkeep.

After construction

You’ll be thrilled to see your dream home finally completed. Now it’s time for settlement.

On settlement day, a building supervisor will conduct a final inspection of the home to make sure everything matches the contract. This is called a handover inspection.

After the handover inspection, you’ll pay your final balance on your deposit. You get your keys and settlement pack.

Congratulations—you’re ready to move in!

Build your own house in Australia

Building a new home may seem daunting if you’re unfamiliar with the process. But when you choose a trusted builder like Sherridon, we make the process smooth and simple.

No need to stress about the complicated steps involved, we’ve been through the home building process many times with our satisfied customers. We make building a new home fun; so you can enjoy watching your dream home take shape.