Who will I deal with during the building process?

Key people you will work with include:

  • Home Sales Consultant: guides you through the first few steps of the buying process, helping you to select the most suitable home design to match your needs.
  • Planning Manager: coordinates all documentation, ensuring it is accurate and complete.
  • Client Relationship Specialist: a key contact during the construction phase.
  • Approvals Manager: submits permit applications, requests site surveys and organises soil testing reports.
  • Site Supervisor: oversees day-to-day construction at the site to make sure that every aspect is built to the Sherridon standard of quality.

What should I choose first: the design or the block of land?

Before you can choose a home design, you need to be sure it will complement the block of land you ultimately build on. With the right block, you’ll be better placed to choose the right design and manage the overall cost and timeframe of building your home.

There are four key factors to consider:

  1. Slope of the land:
    Sloping blocks need additional ground works – such as retaining walls, surface drainage, cutting and filling – to ensure you build to standard.
  2. Orientation of the block:
    Ideally, you want the block and the design to work together to maximise the natural light and energy efficiency of your new home.
  3. Location and proximity of easements:
    Easements may restrict your building options, affecting where
    you can position your home and whether or not you can install a pool.
  4. Soil type:
    the stability and type of soil on your land may a ect the cost of building your home.

How do I choose a home design?

Choosing the right home design is so important. That’s why your Sherridon home sales consultant is here to guide and advise you. We’ll sit down with you to discuss your budget, likes and dislikes, as well as your specific needs and lifestyle. Only then can we recommend the design that’s right for you.

We are also here to ensure you choose a design that suits the block of land you intend to build on.