Our Process

Building a new home should be fun and exciting.
You deserve a simple, smooth journey with no unpleasant surprises.

With Sherridon, you’ll enjoy an open and professional service from start to finish – giving you clarity and confidence every step of the way.



In the initial meeting the new home consultant will discuss everything from the size of your home, the number of bedrooms, car accommodation requirements, front façade style, the alfresco area and so on.

Your New Home Consultant will complete a walk through, demonstrate the inclusions, complete a preliminary siting and a preliminary sales estimate.

You can discuss any structural changes, design options and upgrades (if required) including siting, facade selection, floorplan variations, options and discuss all other requirements.

Pay a non-refundable initial deposit to secure current base price, available promotional offer, and reserve a preferred site start allocation.


Time to meet with your New Home Consultant to finalise all necessary paperwork in order to allow for full finalisation of the Preliminary Sales Estimate.

Sales paperwork is then submitted to Sherridon Homes Head Office for approval.

Please Note: No further structural changes will be accepted after this stage, and facade must be nominated.


This is the stage where we prepare your tender to build, based on your sales estimate and selections.
Now that you have gone through and approved your Preliminary Sales Estimate we can begin to produce a fully fixed price tender. Your New Home Tender provides you with an opportunity to check that all your requests have been included before you proceed to signing a contract.

A further deposit of $2,500 is due for preparation of your HIA building contract and drawings.


Once you are happy with the tender we will prepare your building contract for you to look at and sign off.

Upon signing of contract the balance of 5% of contract value is paid.


This is one of the most exciting steps, where you will get to choose the styling of your home, both inside and out.

Once your HIA building contract is signed your Sales Coordinator will arrange for your colour selection booking (Gallerie Selection Centre will contact you directly to book your colour selection).


Before construction can begin, we need to gather documentation, arrange for a soil test report of the property, preparation of engineer’s details (slab design) by a licensed Engineer, apply for permits and secure council approvals on your behalf.




It's time to prepare the site so that the plumbing can be laid beneath your new home. The slab is then formed and poured.


All hands are now on deck. Wall frames and roof trusses are erected as your new home starts to take shape.

Lock up

The roof cover, brickwork and windows are constructed and installed.

Lock-up stage does not include the fitting of any weatherboard cladding, cement sheet infills and/or external doors including garage door.

An independent Building Inspector will complete a quality control inspection of the lock-up stage.


Your new home starts taking form and depth, reflecting the design and colour choices you made. Plasterboard to internal walls, ceilings, skirting boards, architraves, doors and stairs are all installed.

Kitchen and bathroom works begin (including cabinetry) and all external cladding is completed.

Fixing stage does not include installation of any benchtops, basins, sinks, troughs or shelving.


You are at the final stage of the completion of your new home.

Painting, tiling, electrical and plumbing fit-offs are completed. Shower screens, mirrors, stone bench tops, sinks and basins are installed and all other external works are finished.

An independent Building Inspector will complete a quality control inspection of your home prior to issuing your notice of completion, final invoice and certificate of occupancy.

Your Building Administrator to advise in writing of your Notice of Completion Inspection, which also includes your final invoice and occupancy permit.

You will then be invited to attend with your Site Manager a Notice of Completion inspection (within 7 days) who will demonstrate the features of your new home and discuss any issues you may have in preparation for final handover.


Congratulations, your new home has been completed and you are ready to move in.

On the day of settlement your Site Manager will conduct an onsite handover. Appliances will be installed at an agreed time – ideally on the same day as settlement to avoid theft.

On settlement day your building supervisor will conduct an onsite handover inspection. After you pay the final balance, you will be presented with your keys and settlement pack.

You now own a brand new home!


Maintenance inspection to be carried out 3 months after practical completion inspection.

We ask that you keep a list of any maintenance works to be completed (if required) and email them through to the warranty team using the email address that has been provided to you.

A representative from Sherridon Homes maintenance department will contact the client to book a maintenance inspection, 3 months after settlement.